Slick & Manscape - Grin and Bare It

Kre•shen•da  noun /krah`ShenDa/

Kreshenda has been licensed and practicing since 2010. She thoroughly appreciates that her clients entrust their grooming needs to her and strives to make what could be regarded as one of your more awkward  moments in life, less so. In addition to her waxing practice, she has been a licensed and practicing massage therapist since 2002. Massage therapy has been an amazing career and she is now semi-retired from it. She has made a new career in permanent tattooing eyebrows on ladies (and dudes!) that need some definition around the windows to their souls. You can check out the other side of her practice here.

When not at her office, she is spending time with her Husband and two dogs. They like to ride Harleys, restore her old Nova and prepare for the zombie apocalypse with weapons training and planning escape routes.