Slick & Manscape - Grin and Bare It

What exactly is a "manscape" ?

This is the most popular service. The hair is removed either entirely from the groin area, or just in specific areas. Let's just speak plainly ... the hair around the shaft, testicles, perineum and around the anus, is all removed.

Will it hurt?

Well.. yeah. It's not a lasting pain though, it's momentary as the hair is removed by the wax. In the event of you whimpering however... the waxing studio is a very non-judgmental place and any crying, swearing, sweating and giddy laughter brought on by nerves will not make the studio think any less of you.

What will people think of me?!

They'll probably think you're hip, cool and smooth. Seriously though..this studio is absolutely non judgmental. Everything in between and outside of the known spectrum, whatever you identify as, it doesn't bother me. I offer the services of hair removal and I am not concerned what body it's attached too.

I have a few things going on, can I still get waxed? 

There are a few medications that will make it impossible for you to get waxing services if you are currently (or within the past year) taking them. They are as follows (please note that this is not a complete list and if you have any concerns, please call with your questions); 
Accutane - Adapalene - Alustra - Avage - Avita - Differin - Isotrentinoin - Renova - Retin A - Tazarac - Tazarotene - Trentinoin - Any Retin A topical cream will thin the skin and I would advise against getting waxed. Any acne medication will thin your skin as well. You will have to discontinue use of these medications for at least a year prior to getting a waxing service. 

If you have a contagious disease, skin or blood disorder, herpes simplex I or II or any condition that would contraindicate hair removal, waxing is unfortunately not available as a service. 

I'm gonna be late and/or just not show up, is that cool?

No, that's not cool. I understand life happens and sometimes not being on time or not being able to make your scheduled time is inevitable. Please note my cancellation/late/no show policies here
I don't want to get waxed, can you just trim my hair?

The short answer, no. The long answer, honestly it takes so much time that it winds up costing more than getting waxed. Plus, I don't have special clippers to make anything look better than what you would do at home. In conclusion, trim yo'self at home but seriously just get waxed instead. 

Why the grinning skull?

It looks cool.

What if I'm a total creeper and want to engage in weird/inappropriate behavior?

Your Esthetician reserves the right to refuse service at anytime for any reason. She is extremely committed to a safe, clean and friendly environment for all her clients and herself. So don't be a creeper, they're not allowed.