Slick & Manscape - Grin and Bare It

Slick adjective[ /slik/ ]

 (of a woman) "so smooth"
make someone smart, tidy or stylish

Man•scape adjective [man•skeyp]
 (of a man)  "oh wow"
the strategic hair removal as it pertains to the male body and
continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene

Slick & Manscape noun [/slik/ (ae•nd) man•skeyp]
An exclusive waxing studio for the discerning man and modern woman. Slick and Manscape is here to tailor to your grooming needs. The studio is structured for one client at a time so your session is not rushed and is scheduled by appointment only. Looking and feeling your best includes being well kempt and when you leave the waxing studio, that's what you'll be. 

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