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Please schedule online using the reservation system or call. 

The wax studio is a very non judgmental,  safe space and prides itself on making what may be your more awkward appointment in life, less so.


Here are some answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. 

There's no shame in this game

What exactly is a "manscape" ?

This is the most popular service. The hair is removed either entirely from the groin area, or just in specific areas. Let's just speak plainly ... the hair around the shaft, testicles, perineum and around the anus, is all removed.

Will it hurt?

Well.. yeah. It's not a lasting pain though, it's momentary as the hair is removed by the wax. In the event of you whimpering however... the waxing studio is a very non-judgmental place and any crying, swearing, sweating and giddy laughter brought on by nerves will not make the studio think any less of you.

What will people think of me?!

They'll probably think you're hip, cool and smooth. Seriously though..this studio is absolutely non judgmental. Everything in between and outside of the known spectrum, whatever you identify as, it doesn't bother me. I offer the services of hair removal and I am not concerned what body it's attached too.

I have a few things going on, can I still get waxed? 

There are a few medications that will make it impossible for you to get waxing services if you are currently (or within the past year) taking them.

Your health and safety is paramount and kept to the utmost privacy. Possible contraindications are evaluated during your first appointment at the wax studio. 

How long should my hair be before I get waxed? 

The best results are when hair growth is between a quarter to a half inches long at the time of your appointment.  If you usually shave or trim your hair, give it at least three to four weeks to grow out before your wax appointment.

What type of wax is used? 

Different services call for different waxes. Hard wax is a low melting type of wax that goes on in a liquid state and then solidifies on the surface of the skin. It encases the hairs into the wax, which is then all pulled together, removing the hair and wax. Soft wax also has a low melting point, goes on in a liquid state, however it remains liquid. A non woven cloth is applied over the soft wax and then the pellon, wax and hair are all removed together. 

I don't want to get waxed, can you just trim my hair?

The short answer, no. The long answer, honestly it takes so much time that it winds up costing more than getting waxed. Plus, I don't have special clippers to make anything look better than what you would do at home. In conclusion, trim yo'self at home but seriously just get waxed instead. 

I don't like wax, can you use sugar instead? 

No. This is a waxing studio. 

What if I'm a total creeper and want to engage in weird/inappropriate behavior?

Your Esthetician reserves the right to refuse service at anytime for any reason. She is extremely committed to a safe, clean, friendly and professional environment for all her clients and herself. Unsafe actions, words or behaviors will result in an immediately terminated appointment and potential of notification to authorities and legal prosecution. So don't be a creeper, they're not allowed. 

Why the grinning skull? 

Because it looks cool. 

Why don't you have a lot of online reviews or a Yelp page? 

Your Esthetician prides herself on the sense of customer well-being and the high number of repeat clientele since establishing the waxing studio over ten years ago. The studio is incredibly appreciative of those who have taken the time to leave reviews online, but absolutely recognizes that some clients may not want to put it out there that they get waxed. 


And honestly, Yelp is the mafia of small businesses. For example; the studio had a few, glowing, five star reviews on yelp. Then the eye of Sauron (aka Yelp Sales) settled its' gaze upon the studio and was utterly relentless in trying to convince the studio to pay for advertising on yelp to the tune of over four hundred dollars a month. Seriously they called NINETEEN times in one day. Every call and ridiculous number of emails was met with a polite, yet firm, 'no thank you/not interested'. Unfortunately for the studio, by saying no to them, Yelp retaliated by removing all reviews of Slick & Manscape. They claim that the reviews 'don't meet the algorithm' of their review systems, but we all know the truth.. 

If you feel so inclined by the stellar customer service at Slick & Manscape, please feel free to leave a review on Google because Yelp is the devil. 

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Yelp Mafia
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